PfCA Programs

Salida Soup (2015)
Salida Soup is a monthly community-based potluck where participants, through this microgranting dinner, assist a variety of projects in the Upper Arkansas River Valley.
To date, the program has spread awareness and put nearly $20K into over 60 individual community programs and projects that benefit Salida and its citizens.

Free Movies at the SteamPlant (2015)
Each month, in conjunction with the Salida Creative District, we host a variety of inspiring and thought-provoking documentaries. These films are carefully selected to connect with the community by inspiring a stronger awareness of social issues, nature & the environment, as well as the arts and artists, to enhance community engagement and participation.

Public Art Initiative (2014)
With the generous support of the Salida Business Incubator, monthly exhibitions of local and regional artists will continue to engage the public in the halls and walls of the historic Twitchell Building in the heart of downtown Salida.

Youth Programs (2015)
The Design Collective is an accredited, during-school program that introduces Salida High School students to real world issues in graphic/web design, writing, illustration, animation, film, and community organizing, by engaging them to create one peer event each semester per school year.

Ark Valley Equality Network (2016)
The Ark Valley Equality Network includes a variety of individual projects coordinated through the PfCA: Ark Valley Pride, Ark Valley Pride Network, and are working on introducing several youth programs. These efforts are intended to serve many underserved minorities including the LGBTQIA Community in the Upper Arkansas River Valley area (Chaffee, Lake, Fremont, Custer, and Saguache Counties).


PfCA Farmer's Market Booth (Proposed)
In partnership with the Farmer's Markets in Salida and Buena Vista, the PfCA will supply a booth and training for young entrepreneurs. This program is currently in creation and will launch in 2017/2018.

PfCA Bookmark Program (Proposed)
Area youth are asked to submit their drawings to be used on bookmarks which are produced monthly and distributed to area schools, libraries, and bookstores. Finalists will be shown on the PfCA website and will receive a variety of rewards from community sponsors.

Cool Things I Do! (2017 - 2018) A showcase of "cool things" that people do in the community. Are you a Doctor that likes to paint? Are you a Truck Driver that loves to jam in your garage and make music? How about a stay-at-home Mom that loves landscape architecture and has a beautiful yard? Share your work with the rest of the community and let's talk about it! Lots of fun gatherings to come. We are currently in the marketing stages of this program.

In Chef's Kitchen (launching Fall 2017)
In Chef's Kitchen is inspired by the love of cooking and an almost instinctual need for storytelling. This event uses the 'dinner party' format as a catalyst for the sharing of unique family histories, designed to reinforce oral history while strengthening community connections.

Chaffee County Accelerator (in development, Fall 2017)
Offering non-profits, individuals, and neighborhood organizations the ability to start fundraising efforts online, drive traffic to a central location where they can donate, and access the PfCA's communications infrastructure. Like many other crowdfunding websites, the fees associated are used to further community programs and events.

Southern Colorado Teacher's Hub (Fall 2017 - Spring 2018)
The Teacher's Hub will offer individual teachers and classrooms the opportunity to raise funds, seek supplies, and sell products online that benefit education in the region.

Chaffee County Resource Project (in development, Fall 2017 - Spring 2018)
A long-term project in developing a nonprofit and community resource database that would feed both a website and app that would be available to the public. Through a series of simple questions, the user would be able to identify their needs and receive a simple response from all available resources.

Community Inspiration (in development, Summer - Fall 2017)
Many community members want to get more involved in their neighborhoods, but aren't sure what kind of projects would be most beneficial. The website offers community members inspirational projects that have been completed around the world in communities just like yours.

Get Out! (in development, Spring 2018)
The Get Out! program is currently developing a number of events and a website that will include local and regional opportunities to connect with nature, interact with the rest of the community, and find like-minded individuals to ensure being active is social, motivating, and fun.


PfCA Partner Programs

These programs are coordinated and/or implemented through partnerships with multiple agencies, non profits, or individuals.

Indigenous People's Day Celebration & Chipeta Mountain Project
Through a partnership with a number of community members and the Chipeta Mountain Project, the PfCA program is working to offer a look at the Upper Arkansas River Valley through the eyes of the indigenous people who inhabited the area, as well as the knowledge (if accessible) the gained through the centuries they inhabited this area.

Salida Fiber Festival & Salida Fiber Week
The Salida Fiber Festival, started in 2012 and conducted entirely by volunteers, has become one of the premier events in Central Colorado and one of the most diverse and well-attended fiber festivals in the West.

Scandinavian Alliance of Colorado & Estes Midsummer Festival
The Estes Midsummer Festival is a program of the Scandinavian Alliance of Colorado, an online community for Scandinavians and Scandinavian organizations throughout Colorado. The festival, which celebrated 25 years in 2017, is the premier event for the Scandinavian community in the state.