PfCA Community News

Here is a look at the latest happenings in the Partnership for Community Action programs.


Upcoming PfCA Community Events

The Partnership for Community Action hosts a number of events throughout the month, including; Salida Soup, Free Movies at the Steamplant, Salida Teen Night, Bookmarks for Burritos, Fridays at Three, and more.


Fridays @ Three on kHEN LP 106.9 FM

Fridays at Three, on kHEN Community Radio, is a community interview-based program where we talk to a variety of community members, performing artists, and social/political movers and shakers in and around the Salida area. Topics range from key hot topics such as breastfeeding, consent, equal rights, the environment, etc.

 Community Partner

For a small contribution each month, we work diligently to create public projects, programs, and events that work to strengthen the community as a whole. Our events and programs are available to everyone. 

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NPO or Resource Partner

Our methods of sharing your mission and collecting data at events, classes, and programs, can offer your organization an insight into the community while assisting in defining the community's needs.

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Business Partner

We help cultivate loyal customers through strong social marketing campaigns and diligently make sure that your name stays in front of them. Your contribution each month drives these tested programs.

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