The PfCA is... you!

The Partnership for Community Action (PfCA) is a contribution-based service. Community members, businesses, and nonprofits support the PfCA's community building programs and events through either a monthly contribution, an annual contribution, or an in-kind contribution. We coordinate these programs involving as many people as possible and the result is a stronger, happier, and healthier community.

The PfCA utilizes this contribution-based model to offer reciprocal services with a mission focused on the common good; building stronger relationships that foster a more positive environment. Good for business. Good for the community. Good for you!

Contributing Businesses

First Street Flooring on Third
129 West Third Street, Salida, CO
(719) 539-6182

Mike's Garage
249 F Street, Salida, CO
(719) 207-4177

Nature's Medicine
230 West 16th Street, Salida, CO
(719) 539-3207

Mountain Mind
6907 CR 105, Salida, CO
(719) 207-4455

Planned Parenthood of Salida
233 East 2nd Street, Salida, CO
(719) 539-7291

Seasons Cafe
300 West Sackett Ave., Salida, CO
(719) 530-9525


Contributing Community Members

Kathy Henley

Tracy Holmes


Contributing Nonprofits & Resource Providers

Planned Parenthood
233 E 2nd Street
Salida, CO 81201