Youth Events & Teen Night

Teen Night is a weekly event that area teens are invited to hang out in a local restaurant/coffee shop with their own exclusive hours, menu, and entertainment. If you are interested in volunteering click here.

We need to raise $6100 to cover the expenses for this new weekly event in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. Click here to contribute to our PfCA Teen Night program.

Sellars Project Space’s Partnership for Community Action (PfCA) Program has partnered with Seasons Cafe, the Chaffee County Youth Alliance, Family and Youth Initiatives, and the Boys and Girls Club of Chaffee County, to bring a weekly event for teens in a safe, drug-free, bullying-free, and inclusive environment. 

Each week we will be presenting local entertainment by teens in the area, slam poetry sessions, open mic nights, and area teen announcements. Seasons Cafe has crafted an exclusive Teen Night menu with delicious items all $5 or less (organic popcorn and chips & salsa are always FREE)!  Their grab-n-go sandwiches and goodies from the new Root Cellar Market means everyone can have dinner or a late-night snack.  

Sponsors & Donors of PfCA Teen Night @ Seasons Cafe:


Community Contributions

Alys Bruffy
Stacey Merkl
Kimi Uno
Marny Danneberg
Paige Judd

Kim Bouldin
Mary Gage
Nancy & Ed Kovalinka
Kelsey McNeill
Bruce Warren
Lara Wheeler

Cheryl Walker

Joan Marie
Shelley Schreiner
Francie Bomer
Rosamonde McAtee

Jackie Avignon
Megan Lombardo
Paula Bradfield
Salida Mountain Sports

Alison Manthey
Jeannie Peter
Mary Gage