Operation Marv, Part One: Have You Met Marv?


It was a cool, early June night at Benson’s, during the Ark Valley Pride after-party. E & J had come out to visit some other friends in Colorado Springs, but made it a point to book a few nights in Salida during Pride weekend. We were hanging out with some beers and classic rock when E leaned across the table to get our attention.
”You can have him, you know. Marv, I mean.”
”I’m sorry, what?” I said loudly, not sure what she meant. Jimmy looked a bit stunned; obviously, he understood what she was saying. J was nodding in agreement.
She repeated herself, “You can have our motor home. His name is Marv.”

Before we get too far into this story, let’s preface by saying that we have been talking about taking the PfCA programs to other small communities in Colorado for a couple of years, but it all seemed like one of those “wouldn’t it be great if…”-type of scenarios. Never in a hundred lifetimes did we think that it would ever happen - let alone so quickly.

Finishing my beer in one gulp, I turned to Jimmy, who had the same “is this really happening” look on his face. E laughed and continued.
”We’ve been talking about it for a while now. Y’all have spoken repeatedly about wanting to do what you do in other places, and this will allow that to happen. We have been storing Marv for years, paying for the spot, the insurance, telling ourselves that we’d go out on the road again sometime soon, but it just isn’t happening. Neither one of us have the time now, and you’re ready for the next step, so…it seems like a win-win to us. We’d really like you to have him.”
”But you’ll have to come get him.”, J added.
They let us sit in our amazement and joy for a bit, before we all cheered and toasted and hugged.
It still didn’t seem real to me…I kept waiting for there to be something else, some other caveat or requirement that would sour the deal. But those things never came.

Fast forward nearly a month later…

Early July, and things were falling into place.
E & J had given us their timeline of availability in Massachusetts for us to come and collect Marv; we had already blocked a few weeks in July for some much-needed time off, and we felt comfortable enough financially to make our move. It was now or never - Operation Marv was a go!
We departed on July 7th. Seventeen states, twenty-one days, and nearly five thousand miles later, we pulled into Salida, the proud owners of a 2011 Phoenix Cruiser named Marv.

You’re probably wondering: why the name Marv? To be honest, we weren’t terribly excited about it, initially. Then E told us the story of where his name came from:
When they picked up the motor home, E asked J what it should be named. J thought a moment and said “Marv!” E asked “Why Marv?” to which J replied “cuz it’s mah RV!”

After hearing that, we decided that Marv was perfect…but we had to take it one step further: an acronym.
It is part-and-parcel of who we are and our program names for sure, this acronym conceptualization.
We found it.
We love it.
What is it?

Up next: Operation Marv, Part Two; the new Operation MARV!