PfCA Hosts MLK Jr. Day Meetup at Seasons Cafe

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This week we hosted a meet-up for MLK Jr. Day here in Salida. We didn't see any events in the community commemorating this important federal holiday, so we organized one. We had nearly 30 community members attend the event where we discussed our connection to MLK's legacy, stories that inspire us, and quotes by the civil rights leader.

Participants were also asked to submit their hope and dreams for the area. We typed them up and have listed them below!

  • Celebrate Culture and Diversity
  • Official Indigenous People's Day in Town/County/State/USA
  • Official MLK Day in Salida
  • Affordable housing for every category of our citizens, utilities to Vandeveer Ranch so we can develop that close in piece of land. Community input into both and economic development that arises from affordable housing. 
  • Development of Highway 50 via a new development plan that creates a beautiful gateway to Salida.
  • Total acceptance of everyone!
  • I would like Salida to have a place for the teenager to hang out.
  • Specific housing for seasonal workers, paid for in partnership with larger employers.
  • Practice tolerance and find ways to be reminded of it on a regular basis.
  • Encouragement of faith community alliance to address local issues.
  • Age/Economic diversity.
  • Housing for the homeless.
  • Affordable housing specifically designed for emerging artists and musicians (work/live spaces).
  • Conversation about racial issues, about income inequality.