Our Purpose

The Partnership for Community Action (PfCA) is a catalyst for social change in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. We create events and programs that serve as platforms to speak to and, perhaps, target a specific need in the community, bring people together and foster interaction, and give everyone here a voice.

Our programs directly work to address age, gender, racial, sexual, and financial disparities. We also evaluate a program’s ability to address the community’s physical and psychological health, by finding ways to confront isolation, loneliness, depression and suicide, youth development, youth inequalities, and racial inequalities. Youth, family, and senior support programs also focus on specific needs for each stage of life.




When creating an event, our focus isn't on its economic impact, but rather on how that event may inspire communication and catalyze social change. 

The PfCA's goal is to create events that are focused on bridging divides, that celebrate diversity, youth, and/or share culture. We may do this by creating the event, being a sponsor, or contributing in some other meaningful way.



Each of the PfCA's projects are built around serving a specific need. For example - Salida Soup: it was implemented to fill the need for funding small community-driven projects, typically ineligible to receive funding from most granting sources or lending institutions.

The community is always asked to share their ideas for projects or to share the gaps that are present and need to be bridged. Email us at hello@goPfCA.com.

Community Grants


Community Grants are provided through in-kind donations, established partnerships, and/or by
donated hours. Community Grants are supplied
through an application process for classes, event fees, or sponsorships, or through Salida Soup, the PfCA’s microgranting potluck.

Community Grants allow us to assist in developing projects, services, and programs, that would not have been able to achieve the same outcome without some support.