Fridays @ Three
with Jimmy & Mark

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Fridays at Three with Jimmy and Mark is an eclectic mix of music, first-person narrative, and interviews with the community. Special guests include Lindsay Sutton Stephens and the Sutty's Album of the Week, Shelley Schreiner with the Ark Valley Health Update, and Alyssa Dyane Boland with an introduction to  Plant-based Cooking! (read about everyone below)

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Fridays at Three with Jimmy and Mark

This live show and podcast is about the Upper Arkansas River Valley community, the people who aren't often heard, and the topics and interviews that you want to hear. Drop us an email at and let us know if you know someone we should interview or if you'd like to be on the show!


Jimmy & Mark Sellars
Interviews & Narration

We spend our days and nights working on community building events and programs in the Upper Arkansas River Valley of Colorado.


Lindsay Sutton-Stephens
Album of the Week

Closing our Friday show each week is a segment from Super Mom Rock Star, artist, and Salida record store owner, Lindsay Sutton Stephens.


Shelley Schreiner
Valley Health Update

Healthcare is a key issue in our rural area. Planned Parenthood's Manager Shelley Schreiner gives us a 5-minute perspective each week on health in the Valley.



Alyssa Dyane Boland
Going Vegan!

Alyssa is an artist originally from the deserts of Arizona. Her passion for vegan cooking was fueled while working as a manager and cook at a vegan cafe/bakery in Bisbee, Arizona.