Why shouldn’t you get burritos for designing bookmarks!?

Encouraging diversity opens us to so many possibilities. Take the Bookmarks for Burritos program as an example - students are urged to create a bookmark about a book or story they’ve read. This encourages them to read more and to use their creativity to design and execute a beautiful bookmark. They’re experiencing the concept of competition, and their work could become a useful item that is seen by everyone they know! If all things align, they may even earn a free burrito!


Bookmarks for Burritos invites school-aged area kids design their own bookmark based on their most-favorite story, a book they’ve just read, or a family favorite! Bookmark forms are available at the Salida Regional Library, or download and print it below (completed forms should be returned to the Library). The 2 contestants with the most votes will not only get their artwork made into bookmarks (available at all school libraries, as well as SRL), they’ll also receive a FREE Mo'quito Burrito from MO Burrito!

Round No. 2

Round No. 1

(Deadline: September 15, 2018)


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