Why shouldn’t you get burritos for designing bookmarks!?

Encouraging diversity opens us to so many possibilities. Take the Bookmarks for Burritos program as an example - students are urged to create a bookmark about a book they’ve read. This encourages them to read more, to be creative in coming up with an idea for a bookmark and then creating it. They’re opening themselves to competition and to meeting their peers, and their work could become seen by everyone they know! If all thing align perfectly, they may have earned a free burrito for connecting all of these dots. Huzzah!


Bookmarks for Burritos invites school-aged area kids design their own bookmark based on their most-favorite story, a book they’ve just read, or a family favorite! Bookmark forms are available at the Salida Regional Library, or download and print it below (completed forms should be returned to the Library). The 2 contestants with the most votes will not only get their artwork made into bookmarks (available at all school libraries, as well as SRL), they’ll also receive a FREE Mo'quito Burrito from MO Burrito!

Round No. 1

(Deadline: September 15, 2018)


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