There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Meg Wheatley

We agree. The Partnership for Community Action was created with this quote in mind. It speaks to the power- and sometimes, magic- that a community finds when it comes together.


Our Purpose

The Partnership for Community Action (PfCA) is a catalyst for social change in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. We create events and programs that serve as platforms to speak to and, perhaps, target a specific need in the community, bring people together and foster interaction, and give everyone here a voice.

Our programs directly work to address age, gender, racial, sexual, and financial disparities. We also evaluate a program’s ability to address the community’s physical and psychological health, by finding ways to confront isolation, loneliness, depression and suicide, youth development, youth inequalities, and racial inequalities. Youth, family, and senior support programs also focus on specific needs for each stage of life.




When creating an event, our focus isn't on its economic impact, but rather on how that event may inspire communication and catalyze social change. 

The PfCA's goal is to create events that are focused on bridging divides, that celebrate diversity, youth, and/or share culture. We may do this by creating the event, being a sponsor, or contributing in some other meaningful way.



Each of the PfCA's projects are built around serving a specific need. For example - Salida Soup: it was implemented to fill the need for funding small community-driven projects, typically ineligible to receive funding from most granting sources or lending institutions.

The community is always asked to share their ideas for projects or to share the gaps that are present and need to be bridged. Email us at hello@goPfCA.com.

Community Grants


Community Grants are provided through in-kind donations, established partnerships, and/or by
donated hours. Community Grants are supplied
through an application process for classes, event fees, or sponsorships, or through Salida Soup, the PfCA’s microgranting potluck.

Community Grants allow us to assist in developing projects, services, and programs, that would not have been able to achieve the same outcome without some support.

Here are a few of the projects we’ve worked on over the last 3 years. These PfCA projects are supported by Partners like you!


Community Events

Salida Soup (2015 - Present)
Salida Soup is a monthly community-based potluck where participants, through this microgranting dinner, assist a variety of projects in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. As of Q4 2018, the program has spread awareness and put nearly $25K into over 120 individual community programs + projects that benefit Salida and its citizens.

Free Monday Movies at the SteamPlant (2015 - Present)
Each month, through a partnership with the Salida Creative District, we host a variety of inspiring and thought-provoking documentaries. These films are carefully selected to connect with the community by inspiring a stronger awareness of social issues, nature & the environment, as well as the arts and artists, to enhance community engagement and participation.

Community Art Initiative (2014 - Present)
This initiative centers around community art making and arts education to facilitate the process of community building in general, or around specific topics.

Youth Projects

The Design Collective (2015 - 2017)
The Design Collective is an accredited school program that introduces High School students to real world experiences in graphic/web design, writing, illustration, animation, film, and community organizing, by engaging them to create or work on one peer event each semester per school year.

Salida Teen Night (2018 - Present)
Salida Teen Night is a partnership between Fun Street Family Arcade, this weekly event provides an important opportunity for youth to connect in a public setting with their peers that is inclusive, safe, and drug/substance/bullying free.

Bookmarks for Burritos (2018 - Present)
Through a partnership with the Salida Public Library, MO Burrito, and the Partnership for Community Action, area youth are invited to create artwork that will be reproduced on bookmarks regularly. Winners receive discounts, prizes, and burritos!


Ark Valley Equality Network/Ark Valley Pride (2016 - Present)
The Ark Valley Equality Network includes a variety of individual projects coordinated through the PfCA or through our partnerships with Chaffee County Public Health: Ark Valley Pride, SAFE SPACE, SAFE SPACE Classrooms, Safe Zone Training, GSA Support, and Resource/News sharing. These efforts are intended to serve many underserved minorities including the LGBTQIA Community in the Upper Arkansas River Valley area (Chaffee, Lake, Fremont, and Custer).

SAFE SPACE (for businesses and schools) (2018 - Present)
Businesses and educators are asked to take a pledge and to create safe spaces for area youth and their families.

The Inclusive Educator (2018 - Present)
This monthly newsletter is sent to area educators to share information on being a more inclusive educator by sharing recent articles, research, events, and educational opportunities. The newsletter is available by going to the ArkValleyEqualityNetwork.org and registering in the GSA section of the website.

In Cook’s Kitchen (proposed - waiting for funding)
This quarterly program is a method of communicating heritage, diversity, and family through the making of a dinner. 6 volunteers work with a chosen "Cook" to create a dinner for 50 paying guests. The Cook communicates the story of their dinner, how it evolved, what it means to their family, and what makes their family different. The 6 volunteers then help create the dinner and sit with diners to relay the history and answer questions.

Young Entrepreneurs Program (proposed - waiting for funding)
In partnership with area businesses, the PfCA will supply a booth/stand and training for young entrepreneurs. Through two different businesses (proposed), youth can also be employed temporarily and with short hours in order to learn skills in order to move up the “job ladder”.

Partnership Programs & Events

The PfCA has either partnered or contributed a Community Grant to these programs and/or events.

Chipeta Mountain Project
Partnering with the Chipeta Mountain Project, the PfCA implemented a variety of marketing materials for moving name of Chipeta Mountain from a small mountain to the main peak of the massif.

The PfCA also assisted in organizing and marketing the first Chipeta Mountain Project celebration which brought Chipeta’s living family members to Salida to lead the celebration on Indigenous People’s Day.

San Luis Valley Equality Network
Through a partnership with the Alpine Achievers Initiative, the PfCA will consult and train members of the San Luis Valley to implemented a similar version of the Ark Valley Equality Network.

Chinese New Year
The PfCA was asked to partner with Salida Creativity Lab to assist in the parade and festivities at the SteamPlant Event Center.

Scandinavian Midsummer Festival
Partnering with the Scandinavian Alliance of Colorado, the PfCA began working with the festival to build the community aspect of both the SAoC and the festival.

Salida Holiday Roundup
The PfCA partnered with the SteamPlant Event Center to assist in their annual holiday event. The Holiday Roundup brought thousands of Salidans out to watch the lighting of Christmas Mountain, free cookies and cider/hot chocolate, and music after the annual Parade of Lights.

Community Grants

Fast Forward to Literacy
The Fast Forward to Literacy mission is to create home libraries for economically disadvantaged children in the Denver area, promote parental involvement and family reading activities, and to prepare younger siblings for successful school entry.

Chipeta Mountain Project
The Chipeta Mountain project was/is a project by Salida residents Wayne and Licia Iverson to move the name, Chipeta Mountain, from a small sub peak to the highest point of the massif, out of respect for the honored Queen of the Ute Nation.

Salida Fiber Festival
The Salida Fiber Festival is one of Central Colorado's premier events and one of the most diverse and well-attended fiber festivals in the West.

Salida Art Walk
Salida Art Walk features the best local and regional artists exhibiting their dynamic works, musicians both on the streets and at participating venues, a variety of unique street performers, and artist demos in many locations throughout the event.

Scandinavian Alliance of Colorado
The Scandinavian Alliance of Colorado is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed to promote the Scandinavian culture and traditions in the state of Colorado. 

Rok Skool Kamp
Rok Skool Kamp teaches young adults the social and performance skills necessary to put on a professional caliber concert during a week long camp in the mountains of Colorado.

kHEN Community Radio
KHEN is a volunteer-supported community radio station and media platform committed to uniting our community through programming, education and outreach.

Valley to Valley Senior Care
Valley to Valley is passionate about the quality of care they provide to families at their Senior Care Center in Salida. Their programs afford each person an opportunity for monitored independence by providing a safe, secure and friendly environment where friendships bond. 

Salida Council for the Arts
The Salida Council for the Arts (SCFTA) is a 501c3 non-profit volunteer based organization that aims to facilitate community access to art grants, government and foundation funding.

Chaffee County Youth Alliance
The Chaffee County Youth Alliance is a volunteer group of stakeholders working on a variety of issues pertaining to youth in the Upper Arkansas River Valley - specifically, Chaffee County.

PFLAG Salida Chapter
Our 400+ chapter network provides confidential peer support, education and advocacy in communities in nearly all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Chipeta Rising Celebration
The Chipeta Rising Celebration is being organized to honor the renaming of Chipeta Mountain in the Sawatch Range on Sun., Oct 8, and Mon., Oct. 9, in Salida and surrounding areas.